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 Whether you want to build solutions for secure peer-to-peer payments and immediate microtransactions, or develop self-executing smart contracts, we will put our knowledge and blockchain technology skills into action. As an experienced blockchain development company, DEVSOFT helps both startups and enterprises take advantage of the decentralized network built on blockchain. 

What We Build

Smart Contracts

DEVSOFT writes all types of smart contracts, including Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and NEO-based. To make sure there are no flaws, misbehaviors and security holes in the smart contract code, we perform full-scale pre-release functional and non-functional testing.

Development for ICO 

If you have a business idea and need a platform for project monetization, our team is well-versed in delivering Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). We will provide an accurate technical realization of your ICO ecosystem: develop an ERC20-compliant token, build your wallet and oracles, and review the technical and QA parts of your Whitepaper.

Blockchain Ecosystems 

Blockchain ecosystems span a full range of cryptocurrency trading apps allowing for transparent and immutable transactions. DEVSOFT crafts any blockchain ecosystem element from scratch including crypto wallets, analytics tools, multiplatform exchanges, blockchain explorers, oracle applications, and portfolio monitor solutions.

Custom Blockchain Solutions in Focus

DEVSOFT is an industry leader in custom software development services across the entire software product development lifecycle. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch with a custom software project or seeking to augment your IT capabilities by adding experts to your team, DEVSOFTs seasoned professionals are dedicated to providing cutting-edge experiences you will love.

Cryptocurrency Development 

Whether you want to enable cryptocurrency payment integration for your solution or need an ERC20-token on the Ethereum network, a custom cryptocurrency from scratch, or an element, such as Mining Client, Virtual Machine, Consensus Algorithm or a P2P network — we can contribute to any cryptocurrency development initiative.

Blockchain Development on Hyperledger

Our blockchain development team is skilled enough to leverage Hyperledger technology to build a secure corporate blockchain for your business and keep multi-party engagements immutable and tamperproof.

Customized Blockchain Solutions

If you need more specific functionality tailored to your needs, we will consider all the aspects of the industry, conduct thorough business analysis, and build a custom-fit blockchain solution.


Expertise in Blockchain

The Softeq team architects solutions for all major blockchain platforms and cryptosystems, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Hyperledger. If you need to build an entire blockchain infrastructure or any of its separate elements — blockchain core, nodes, or ecosystem apps, we are at your service.

Quality Control

Our QA team joins the project team at the analysis stage to develop a QA strategy, test each implemented feature, and run a Bug Bounty Program, which helps reduce the number of malfunctions in the solution and meet your needs.

Expertise in Cryptography

With hands-on experience in data protection, we offer clients a wide spectrum of secure cryptographic solutions including encryption, digital signature and hashing algorithms (RSA, DES, AES, Diffie-Hellmann, ECC, TLS, SSL, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, MD5, etc.).

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