UI/UX Design Services

DEVSOFT covers a whole range of UI/UX design services: from UX research and gathering end-user data to building prototypes and running usability audits. We help companies build engaging products and create meaningful user and customer experiences that convert into tangible business results. 

Enterprise Apps

We design user interfaces for enterprise-level systems: SaaS apps, complex web solutions, rich internet applications, cross-platform desktop software and more. 

We build information architecture that organizes big data into a structure that simplifies understanding and delivers a compelling user experience.

Embedded Devices

DEVSOFT creates user interfaces for IoT devices: smart watches and glasses, fitness trackers, GPS pet collars, as well as complete UI/UX solutions for smart homes and connected cars. 

We carry out thorough UX research and build UI/UX designs that provide a coherent experience across a whole embedded system, and ensures fluent cross-device communication. Regardless of screen size, resolution and form factor, we guarantee a seamless user experience across all devices.

Web Solutions

We craft user experiences for web solutions: content management systems, web portals, eCommerce websites, and intelligent bot apps just to name a few.

From wireframes to user flows and prototypes, our UI/UX team will help you tailor interfaces that match the specific needs of your web app users.

Higher Conversion Rates

Through our use of graphics and layouts as well as messaging and interaction, we will help you create user experiences that result in higher conversion rates. From user research to crafting CTAs, our UI/UX design team will help you increase your project ROI.

Seamless Usability 

We know how to transform your end-user needs and their product journey into efficient and smooth experiences. We design simple yet sophisticated interfaces that are visually appealing, holistic and intuitive to use.

Transparency & Accountability 

All our design processes are maximally transparent and agile. We use qualitative and quantitative methods to ensure all your project activities align with your established goals, and hold ourselves accountable for delivering better user experiences.